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Lake Metonga, Fun for the Whole Family … for Generations to Come!

Lake Preservation Projects

Since its founding twenty-five years ago in 1998, the volunteers of the Lake Metonga Association have worked steadily and systematically to support and sustain this lakes fishery, water quality, and lake habitat.

It’s hard to imagine what the condition of
Lake Metonga would be today without the
efforts of the association over the years.

It only costs $25 annually per household to be a member. But, it’s those who volunteer a bit of their time and their concern for the lake beyond the membership fee that matters even more. If you live within a mile of the lake, please consider becoming a member if you aren’t already, and help continue the many beneficial programs for the lake that would not exist without the association.

As an example, without the Lake Metonga Association, invasive mifoil would have gone unchecked for the past twenty years. Instead, our ongoing EWM monitoring and treatment expenditures alone have totaled well over $100,000 over the years. We have been fortunate to receive generous grants from the DNR, as well as county, municipal and Tribal funds to help in this effort. Of equal value has been the generosity of our supporters with their donations and participation in our fundraising events.

Other ongoing lake programs that are undertaken by our members and volunteers include:

  • Bullhead removal program which has removed over 28,000 adults and more than 3 million bullhead minnows since the program was initiated in 2021. The success of this program more than anything else will ensure the strength of the lake’s walleye population.
  • Loon nesting platforms and monitoring of the numerous loons on the lake.
  • Clean Boats - Clean Water boat launch monitoring which educates incoming and exiting boaters of the importance to clean boats, trailers and equipment, particularly when frequenting multiple bodies of water.

The association also sponsors several area favorite social events each year such as our 4th of July Boat Parade and Picnic and our Weeds’N’Walleyes Banquet in October. We also participate in the Crandon community Kentuck Day and Art in the Square events. These activities, like our lake program activities, need association volunteers to help organize and staff.

Please join the team, if you aren’t a member already! We really appreciate and need your help to keep this organization and its programs going.

Sunset Fall 2018